Zone 1 Poblacion,Socorro, Oriental Mindoro 5207, Philippines
Phone: #09084227163
National Bishop Dr. Joel Mancio
    Covenant Global Church Philippines and Covenant School of Ministry and Divinity comprise the ministry known as
Covenant Global Philippines. Covenant Global Philippines is in the apostolic sphere of Bishop Randy Barnett, this sphere
is Covenant Global, Inc. and is headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma USA. Covenant Global, Inc. operates in many nations
in Asia, North America, Central America, and Africa.

    The Covenant Global family began in the Philippines in the late 1990's through our representative Rev. Pat Bates.
Through years of hard work and commitment to God's vision the Lord has continued to increase our family, it is now
comprised of hundreds of local churches, other apostolic spheres, and numerous other types of ministries across the

    The educational arm of the ministry is Covenant School of Ministry and Divinity. The school was launched in 2008 by its
founder and president Dr. Joel Mancio and continues under his anointed leadership. The school is headquartered in
Socorro, Oriental Mindoro.

    Our heart's desire is to glorify Jesus Christ as we expand the Kingdom of God,
as we train fivefold ministers for dynamic and fruitful service to Jesus as Church leaders,
as we equip the saints for Kingdom service, and as we help to bring the Body of Christ into
unity in the islands of the Philippines.